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Diabetic Foot Ulcer Statistics

The treatment starts at home which includes taking meticulous care of the diabetic feet, much before ulcers develop. To avoid direct heat by hot water bottles of fire places. In case of cold feet, use warm socks or gauge the temperature of the hot water bottles which have normal sensation, before using it. Avoid injury to your feet while cutting nails. According to Dr. Chopra, causing injury to one’s feet while cutting nails is a very common cause of infection followed by gangrene and foot lose. Should you injure your feet, do consult a vascular surgeon immediately.

Your symptoms can vary, depending on which nerves are damaged. You may not perhaps be able to feel pain, in particular in your feet. This situation can lead to severe infections, since wounds or other harms may not get treated. Troubles with body temperature, such as intense sweating at night or when you eat a number of foods. Some other people may have reduced sweating, particularly in their legs and feet. Heart and blood vessel troubles, leading to reduced blood circulation or low pressure. This may cause weakness, dizziness, or fainting when you sit up or stand up from a former reclining position.diabetic foot ulcer treatment

While a number of dressing choices are available, Duoderm stands out among them. It is a type of hydrocolloid dressing (absorbs exudates and forms a gel) which is used to treat relatively small, superficial and slow healing wounds. It firmly sticks to the skin and stays on longer than most other type of dressings which promotes quick healing and prevents from infections. Place the sticky side of the dressing patch over the wound so that it properly sticks to the skin. If the wound is in an area where it may be difficult to keep the dressing in place, place medical tape around the edges of the dressing patch

A physician, specialized in the treatment of a podiatrist or a doctor who normally treats the patient’s diabetes can treat the infection. An x ray of the foot can detect whether the bone has infected or has possibility to affect of this disease. A sample from the wound can help to identify the organism that causes the infection so that the proper antibiotic can be identified. This Article is posted by behalf of and we provide buy foot care online india, diabetes foot care , foot care, foot care for diabetics, foot care kit, foot care products, foot care products india with a easy way at your home.diabetic foot cream

There are a number of natural ways to help diabetics care for their feet. Prevention is always going to be the best method, but there are treatments that can be done at home as well. Always seek the advice of your doctor before treating foot injuries, and be sure to always examine your feet daily and keep your doctor aware of any changes. Foot ulcers are often caused when there is too much pressure applied to a part of the foot. This might be a result of corns or calluses that are aggravated by poor quality shoes or socks or are not cared for.